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Thursday 18th July 2019

 Route Melbourne, Melbourne Ings, Wilberforce Way, Church Bridge, Walbut Bridge, Coates Bridge, Sandhill Lock, Canal Head, A1079, Allerthorpe (The Plough Inn), Manor Farm, Tank Plantation, Allerthorpe Common, Common Lane, Thornton Grange, Town’s Ings, Melbourne (10.5 miles).

Members   Paul,  Paul ‘Sherlock’ Holmes, Keith, 


Last time out we were akin to the Magnificent Seven but this time, mainly due to holidays and work commitments, we were more like refugees from The Last of the Summer Wine. Answers on the back of a £20 note as to who you think is who.

On this warm muggy day we plumped for a steady stroll along the Pocklington Canal before heading off towards Allerthorpe. The canal path seems to be a popular route as we encountered a succession of dog walkers all of whom were thankfully walking in the opposite direction to us.sherpaul

We stopped for a brew at Coates Bridge while above us we spotted a Merlin and later a Buzzard gracefully flying by clearly on the lookout for a meal. After this welcome break we continued along the footpath to Canal Head before braving the grass verge alongside the busy A1079. It was a relief to reach the relative calm of the lane into Allerthorpe arriving at our planned stop at The Plough Inn just before beer o’clock.balsam

The Plough is decent pub with a friendly landlady who suggested we might like to sprawl out on the leather sofas in a back room. All well and good but would we be able to get out of them again? We were the first over the threshold but it didn’t take long for others to arrive mostly on the hunt for meals. But in our little corner of the pub we were left well alone. We visited the gents on the way out where Keith had an issue with the hand drier. It wasn’t actually a hand drier at all but a receptacle for paper towels but that didn’t deter Keith from attacking it in a fruitless search for a mechanism to switch it

The second half of the walk took us through the woodlands of Allerthorpe Common with much Himalayan balsam in evidence. Due to the proximity of the River Derwent the area can become extremely boggy at certain times of the year but in mid summer you can usually be sure of a mud free walk. Harvesting seems to have started early at the farm at Thornton Grange with the combine and hay baler machine out making the most of the dry weather.

We’ve done this particular walk on a fair few occasions and although it can be a bit bleak in the deep mid winter on a warm summers day like today it was a pleasure to be out. Right! last one to Ivy’s Cafe pays for the teas.



16th July 2009 – Roxby to Staithes.

John, Chris, Paul, Col Hutch, Paul Craggs, Stu, Sherlock, Ray, Jack Rhoades & Bob.

Walking aids had a starring role in this walk. Col mislaid his near Borrowby and had to backtrack a couple of fields to retrieve it while Craggsy broke the end off his as he negotiated a particularly slippery rocky path in Borrowby Dale. As we sat in the Cod & Lobster pub in Staithes, Bob, no doubt fuelled by strong drink and cheese & onion crisps, blurted out those immortal words “Anyone fancy doing a crossing next year?”. And so 2010 would see our merry group tackle the Lyke Wake Walk one more time. The afternoon saw us negotiate the green hell of Mines Wood with its jumble of fallen trees and innumerable types of biting insects and stinging plants. It must have left a lasting impression as we haven’t ventured to that area since.

20th July 1994 – Clapham to Ingleborough via Gaping Ghyll.

Bob, Chris, Paul, Jacko, Ray, Alf, Nathan & young Chris.

We celebrated the ascent of Ingleborough on a hot sunny day with two bottles of Chateau Belnor.

18th July 1974 – Wind Hill Farm to Lastingham

Bob, Jacko, Jim Cranwell & Mel Coggin.

Met a guy at Spiers Bank Farm who showed the FAC around the farm buildings which had recently been converted into a field study centre.


  1. Great walk with great company, thanks to Paul for the write up and Keith for the pictures and putting it on the Web.


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