Our latest walk

Skidby -Bentley-Skidby

Thursday 8th April 2021

Route: Skidby Mill, Wilson Hill Farm, Skidby Lakes Golf Club, Burn Park, Poplar Farm, Bentley, Fishpond Wood, Folly Lake Cafe, Oldgate, Skidby, Skidby Mill (8 miles).

Members: John, Paul, Keith, Stu. Stan & Bill.

So here we are, 98 days after our previous walk, and the FAC are gathered in Skidby Mill car park getting ready for the off and looking forward to our first walk of 2021. We decided to start off the year with the same walk we finished last year with which is an 8 mile circular trek from Skidby via Bentley. Chocks away chaps!!

Fortunately, the weather had improved from the Arctic blast we’d endured earlier in the week and although it wasn’t particularly warm it still made for decent walking weather. We’d had no rain for a week or more so the ground was pretty firm and we were in no danger of getting our boots muddy.

We set off down the quiet lane that took us past Wilson Hill Farm although we had to negotiate the busy A164 before making our way around the edge of Skidby Lakes Golf Club. This is Stu’s favourite part of the walk as he combed his way through the undergrowth looking for stray golf balls. He was quite happy with his haul of half a dozen but as he’d played a round on here a few days previously it was quite possible that some of the golf balls were his anyway.

The request was ‘grow a pair’ NOT 3 pair!

On we strode past Burn Park Farm and Poplar Farm enjoying the company and the opportunity to get out in the countryside. Just beyond Poplar Farm we came across the odd sight of a short piece of tarmac leading from a ploughed field onto a stony farm track complete with two give way signs. Give way to who we wondered as there would only be an occasional tractor passing by and who would be driving over the ploughed field to begin with. No doubt over time it will all become clear but for now it remains a mystery.

Our next objective was the house belonging to Stu’s daughter who had kindly laid on bacon & sausage sarnies for half a dozen wayward and hungry walkers. It was most appreciated by all so thanks to Stu for supplying the provisions and Elizabeth for preparing the food and drinks. It was suggested we might do this walk again in a fortnight, then every fortnight thereafter.

We passed through sleepy Bentley village before taking the track alongside Fishpond Wood and headed for our second break of the day at Folly Lake Cafe. No bacon sarnies this time though but the coffees and teas were most welcome. Last time we were here on New Year’s Eve it was quite crowded but today it wasn’t too bad. Due to the current restrictions we had to sit outside which meant that every time the blustery wind blew it kicked up a cloud of dust. But being experienced walkers of long standing we just shut our eyes and covered the top of our cups. Hill craft.

The oldest swinger in town

From the cafe it was but a hop and a skip (not literally you understand) along the Beverley 20 route through Skidby village then back to the Mill car park. When we set off earlier in the day there were no more than a handful of cars in the car park but on returning the car park was full and the overflow had spilled out into the road. They must have heard the FAC were in town.

It was certainly good to be out again and it’s especially pleasing to report that Keith finished the walk with no ill effects after his long layoff. Hopefully Chris & Sherlock will be back with us before too long to enjoy a day out on the hills. “Hopefully not too many hills”…Who said that?


  1. Great for you all to be OUT and ABOUT again ..
    It is also good to read the reports again and as normal good reports..
    I am chuffed to bits that all went well for you all especially Keith who has had a few problems along the way..
    I look forwards to many more reports on future walks and good luck to you all..
    The FAC forever..

  2. Thank for the report Paul also pleased to say thanks to Keith for photos and putting it all up on the interweb.

  3. What a great first walk, freedom at last. Good to be able to read the report and see great pictures. Well done Keith, glad it went well.
    I know Paul was gutted he couldn’t join you all. Looking forward to the next report.

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