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25th August 2011 – Snilesworth Lodge to Osmotherley.

Col, Nathan, Craggsy, Keith, John, Paul, Chris, Sherlock & Bob.

We had planned for three cars today but in the event only two were needed as we managed to squeeze five into John’s new motor. Car number three would have been Col’s and he made sure everyone knew he’d filled it up with petrol beforehand for his expected drive up to the North York Moors. He even hinted that Chancellor Craggs should recompense him for his outlay but all he got from the Chancellor was one of his ‘looks’ which ended any further discussion on the matter. We did point out that if the price of petrol should go up overnight, as it often does, then in actual fact we’ll have done him a favour by allowing him to buy it the day before at a cheaper rate. It has to be said Col didn’t appear impressed.

As we sat outside the Swainby Shooting House enjoying a brew and a butty John regaled us with a tale about some Grasshopper walking gear he’d recently seen in a shop. We are certainly more familiar with the well-known Craghoppers brand of sturdy walking gear but none of us could recall the Grasshopper brand…..maybe it’s for those who prefer the low-level routes.

Bob, Sherlock, Craggsy, Paul and John

There are three pubs in Osmotherley and all were open. We had planned to visit the Queen Catherine Hotel but as we were stood outside The Golden Lion, we chose that one instead. However, that was after we’d waited for Bob who’d been pounced upon by a surveyor from the National Park who wanted to know Bob’s views on various aspects of the National Park. On completion of the survey, we fully expected the moors to be re-named The Bob Garton North York Moors as per one of his suggestions.

We had our afternoon break at the quaintly named Square Corner which prompted Bob to burst into song about a certain Mrs. Puggy Wuggy, an olde English folk ballad he would have us believe. We put these sudden flights of fancy down to his age. After being serenaded by Bob we sat down to enjoy the views of the distant Yorkshire Dales and the somewhat closer Black Hambleton and surrounding moorland with the heather out in full bloom. It was such a peaceful scene that some of us laid back and closed our eyes, drifting away in the warm afternoon sun.

From this lofty vantage point, it was but a mile walk back to the cars along the lane that eventually leads to Hawnby. After a less than promising start to the day it ended up a very good moorland walk finishing in brilliant sunshine…….So John, tell us more about these Grasshopper walking jackets?

Original report by Paul Coates.

14th August 1996 – Shaken Bridge Farm to Scawton.

Bob, Alf, Dave Hunt, Ray, Jacko, Paul & Chris.

Quite an uneventful walk but still an enjoyable day with the weather staying warm and sunny throughout. We kept encountering a party of horse riders both on the walk and later in the pub. On the way home Bob informed us he’d had a go at one of them but it soon became apparent he was referring to snorkelling!! The mind boggles.

Original report by Jack Fawcett

16th August 1973 – The caves & potholes of Horton-in-Ribblesdale.

Bob, Jacko, Jim Cranwell, Mel Coggin & Chris Daniels.

This was an ideal day for doing as little as possible. The weather was very hot and it hadn’t rained for days which made it ideal conditions for caving. To start we visited Browgill Cave and managed to go as far as the waterfall which comes from Calf Holes.

We then did the thing we’re good at…had lunch and a good sun bathe followed by a visit to the Crown Hotel at Horton, two pints and yet more sunbathing. We then took the car to Selside and visited Upper Long Churn Cave and Alum Pot. Part way in to the cave Jack’s lamp packed up and he and Mel turned back. The water was quite deep at one point but Jim, Chris & Bob carried on to the underground lake and waterfall.

Jim showed great tenacity and daring by climbing the slimy rocks and he was soon followed by Chris. Bob took a tumble at one point and got a good soaking. A line was thrown down and Bob was fished out. Altogether a good adventure

Original report by Bob Garton.

Original reports collated & edited by Paul Coates.

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  1. Fantastic..
    Great reports and photographs..
    Just how far back does the FAC go please ??????
    The report from 1973 says it all really..
    Wow that is a long time ago..
    Keep up the good walking lads..

  2. The FAC goes back to 1966 when they did a Lyke Wake Walk. Over the next few years the group did quite a few LWW but by 1970 they started doing other walks on the North York Moors in between the LWW. The first recorded walk in the log was on 1st May 1970 when they did the Daffodil walk in Farndale. Throughout the early 70’s occasional walks were recorded but only the route and who was on it.

    The first walk recorded in detail was in July 1972 when Bob, Jacko, Chris, Jim Cranwell, Chris Daniels and Dave Upfield did The Pennine Way. After that walks were recorded in more detail as the format we still use gradually formulated.

  3. Hi, thanks for remembering me. Much appreciated. The Pennine Way, halcyon days, fond memories. Blessings on you all.

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