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3rd June 2010 – Boltby to Kilburn

John, Paul, Chris, Craggsy, Keith, Sherlock, Stu, Dudley, Ray, Jack Rhoades & Laurie.

Today saw us heading for Boltby, just north of Sutton Bank. We were late getting there though after Stu’s car sprung a radiator leak en-route and then later Craggsy missed the turning for the road to Boltby. Laurie, who’d driven down from Barnard Castle, was patiently waiting for us late comers and was beginning to think there might be another Boltby in North Yorkshire and he was waiting at the wrong one.

Under the White Horse

Most of our morning route was along the Cleveland Way which got busier with daytrippers the closer we got to Sutton Bank. As we were heading for Kilburn this meant we would be descending the steep downhill footpath at the White Horse instead of struggling up it as we often did. Less appreciative of this downward direction were Keith’s knees.

Our refreshment halt was at the Forresters Arms in Kilburn where most of its customers were sat outside in the blazing sun whereas we found a nice cool side room to rest our weary legs and quench our raging thirst. Keith & Sherlock sampled the refreshing Symonds cider with Keith having an extra half in what used to be described, many years ago now, as a ladies glass.

Keith drinking from a ladies glass (photo by Sherlock).

The afternoon included a steady climb up through Hood Hill Plantation where Ray was beginning to struggle under the hot sun. After a drink and a breather he decided to soldier on, possibly fearing that if he did expire we might make off with his wallet. By the time we’d reached the fly infested Lake Gormire he was feeling much better plus he hadn’t been relieved of his wallet, so all was well.

The path beyond Southwood Lodge was bone hard due to the recent lack of rain and by the time we’d reached journeys end at Boltby our feet were glowing. On the drive home Craggsy missed the turn for Sneck Yate thereby finishing the day as he’d started it. It must also be noted that two of his three passengers had SatNavs…and they still went wrong.

24th May 1995 – Huggate to Wetwang

Barry, Paul & Ray

Back in the day it was a rare event to visit the Wolds during the summer so it made a nice change to see the area without snow on the ground and with leaves on the trees. There were plenty of wild flowers to be seen but unfortunately those of our group able to identify such things were absent today. However we did come across the rusting remains of an old car hidden in some undergrowth which Barry immediately identified as a Hillman Minx. You wouldn’t find that in the Observer Book of Wild Flowers.

We had a couple of pints in The Victoria in Wetwang before meandering our way back to Huggate whilst keeping a watchful eye on the ever threatening rain clouds bubbling up overhead. Fortunately the rain held off until we were well on our way home in the car.

5th June 1975 – Patterdale to Helvellyn

Bob, Jacko, Jim Cranwell & Chris

The 2nd visit to the Lake District in six weeks with the ascent of Helvellyn being the objective. Bob described the days weather as ‘foul’ and on arriving at Patterdale in torrential rain they sat in the car for an hour hoping for some respite before attempting the climb. It did not come so in pouring rain they set out with the rain only starting to ease off after well over an hours climbing. With low cloud and poor visibility there was no feeling of height on Striding Edge and no view of Red Tarn. The only point of note was that Helvellyn was the highest peak the FAC had climbed and despite it being early June there was still snow on the summit.

During the climb up to Helvellyn our group had met up with a teacher and one of his pupils who turned out to be good companions for the day. At the walks end back at the car park they took part in the customary farewell drink at Jacko’s bar. A lifesaver if ever there was one.


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