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April 21st 2011 – Helwath Bridge to The Falcon Inn

John, Col Hutch, Paul, Sherlock, Stu, Keith, Dudley, Jack Rhoades & Bob.

Under misty conditions back in Hull Keith turned up wearing shorts which drew the usual ribald remarks. He had the last laugh though as by the time we reached Helwath Bridge the sun was out and the day was warming up nicely.

As usual JackNav & Sherlock were up at the front deep in conversation although they were mindful of keeping within shouting distance. This was just as well as on a couple of occasions they went wandering off down paths that were not on today’s route. At one point we ended up at Chapel Farm instead of keeping to the path alongside the beck. Paul got the blame for this as he had the map although it has to be said that both Jack & Sherlock were leading the way at this point. It was no matter though as both routes led us past the Mill Inn which is notable for seemingly never being open. It boasts an assortment of tables and chairs in the pub garden but little sign of ever being open for business…..maybe you have to book in advance.

The Falcon Inn was a welcome sight and has become a favoured watering hole in recent times with a decent selection of ales and lagers served with a friendly welcome. As we approached the pub entrance the landlady was stood outside with a watering can and we wondered if she going to wash down our dusty boots before we entered the pub. A sign of the times was that we had to put some extra money into the kitty to ensure we had enough money to pay for the ever-escalating price of beer and fuel.

As an alternative to leaving some item or other in the pub Sherlock chose to leave his expensive camera in the grass alongside his car after he’d got changed out of his walking gear. Of course, it goes without saying that once he realised what he’d done he got back out of his car claiming that he knew his camera was there all along…..and it also goes without saying that absolutely no one believed him.

Original report by Paul Coates

April 10th 1996 – Hole of Horcum to Newton-on-Rawcliffe.

Bob, Jacko, Paul, Ray, Alf, Craggsy & Dave Hunt.

Rain for most of the day made for a damp and squelchy walk with the only bright spot being the Black Swan at Newton-on-Rawcliffe. Jacko reports that he felt a little guilty about eating pork scratchings which was no doubt a reference to an incident with a escaping pig running amuck in the village some years before. Alf was celebrating his retirement so he bought the first round. He then let slip it was also his birthday so that called for a wee dram so we were in danger of becoming wetter inside than outside.

The rain was coming down even harder as we left the pub so it was unanimously decided by Bob (and seconded by everyone else) that we should get back to the cars by the quickest route possible. Even so we still looked like drowned rats by the time we’d got finished.

For reasons lost in the mists of time the following limerick was added to the end of the report allegedly at Bob’s request.

An Argentine gaucho named Bruno

Once said “There’s something I do know”

A woman is fine

And a sheep is divine

But a llama is numero uno.

Original report by Jack Fawcett

April 8th 1976 – Wintergill to Glaisdale

Bob, Jacko, Chris, Barry, Stan Arnell, Alf & (young) Laurie Garton.

No report as such, just the route taken by the intrepid walkers. From Wintergill they went via Nab End Farm and over Glaisdale Moor and onto the Lealholme road leading eventually into Glaisdale. After suitable refreshment they returned to Wintergill via Red House, Glaisdale East and Egton Moor.

Original report by Chris Pickering.

Original reports collated & edited by Paul Coates.

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