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2nd December 2010

Initially our route was to have been from West Ayton to the Everley Arms but as the snow continued to fall it was thought better to stay closer to home with an alternative walk planned between North Cave and Brantingham. But with further falls of snow, and more forecast, it was thought prudent to give the walking a miss altogether, a decision not taken lightly. With roads blocked locally and every chance the pub at Brantingham being unreachable, or even worse, closed when we got there, the decision was made for us. We have often speculated about being snowed in at a pub but we’d much rather be looking out at the inclement weather rather than looking in bemoaning the fact that the pub is shut!

It is indeed a rare event for the weather to keep the intrepid FAC from their days walking. The last recorded event of this magnitude was way back on July 8th 2004 when the walk was described by Jacko, the FAC scribe back then, as The Wetwang Washout (a walk we’ve always wanted to do). The rain that day was of monsoon proportions and as we drove towards the North York Moors, we began to realise that we may have to call out the lifeboat if we’d have carried on much further. So, as we got to Wetwang a council of war was held and by a unanimous decision it was decided to let the weather win for once.

With all the snow we have had in recent days and the relentless icy blast off the North Sea the question that needs to be asked is “what’s happened to the promised global warming?”……..we should be told.

Original report by Paul Coates

7th December 1995 – Annual Christmas walk (Towthorpe Corner to Millington, approx. 6 miles) & dinner at The Gait Inn, Millington.

Bob, Jacko, Chris, Paul, Ray, Barry, Alf Stevens, Craggsy, Brian Fant, Dudley, Dave Boddicot, Dave Hunt, Dennis Craven, Geoff Dixon & Keith Wildridge (It should be noted that not all of those named above actually did the walk, although they certainly participated in the drinking & eating)

In light of recent events, I can do no better than report on the day’s activities as written by former FAC scribe Jacko.

The usual Christmas walk was quite seasonal, there being an inch or two of snow underfoot. Jacko produced a bottle of whiskey, which the greedy buggers accepted with relish. The Christmas meal was up to the usual good standard while landlord George was his usual affable self. Even more so as he donated a brace of pheasants to be raffled off during the proceedings, all in aid of club funds of course.

The Christmas darts final was between Bob and Jacko ensuring a new name would appear on the darts trophy this year. Bob won, narrowly, but Jacko suspected that the scorer had been nobbled. As ever a good time was had by all. On the way back home the usual fish & chips were devoured in Pocklington and nobody was sick. The quote of the day by everyone (except Bob) was “Jacko was robbed!”

Original report by Jack Fawcett.

4th December 1975 – Hamer to The Lion Inn

Bob, Jacko, Jim Cranwell, Chris, Dave Upfield, Barry & Alf.

Setting out from Hamer, high up on the moors just north west of Cropton Forest, our party walked across Hamer Moor to Shunner Howe before heading west into Northdale. Lunch was taken in the woods close to Bottoms Farm where it’s reported Dave Upfield did a bit of sun bathing in the unseasonable warm sunshine. From here they made for the Rosedale railway which eventually got them to the Lion Inn at Blakey.

After a couple of pints, they dropped back down to the railway then climbed back up to the road passing Trough House on the way. From here they crossed Glaisdale Moor eventually making their way back to Hamer via Flat Howe. The report has the mileage at over 13 miles to which I’d say “At least!!”

Original report by Bob Garton.

Original reports collated & edited by Paul Coates.

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  1. Love the read especially Jacko’s lovely sense of humor.
    Thanks to Paul and Keith for putting this together and putting it on the Website.

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