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16th June 2011 – Goathland to Egton Bridge

Paul, John, Craggsy, Keith, Sherlock, Stu & Jack Rhoades.

For a number of weeks Sherlock had been promising to wear his new boots claiming that he was breaking them in gently as they had a tendency to rub. Today was the great unveiling and the real reason for their non-appearance so far quickly became apparent as he paraded about in his nice ‘nearly new’ hi-tech bright green boots, the shade of which could be best described as ‘mushy peas’.

We had to ford across the Murk Esk River by using some stone sets which were covered in green algae which made them quite slippery underfoot. Sherlock’s new boots kept a firm grip but the rest of us were a bit more hesitant about the crossing fearing a possible early bath. Jack seemed more concerned about his binoculars ending up in the river as he tried to keep upright as he slipped and slithered his way across the stepping stones.

10 years younger!

Just as we got to the Horse Shoe Hotel in Egton Bridge the heavens opened which Paul claimed was down to good route planning. The pub itself was a bit nondescript although comfortable enough. The guy behind the bar, clearly not the landlord, looked like he was wishing he could be somewhere else. A sign of the times was everyone putting an extra pound in the kitty, over and above the normal £10, which reflects the increasing cost of ale and petrol these days.

Our morning route only had a few minor gradients to tackle but our afternoon route began climbing from just outside the pub door and didn’t end until we were well across Murk Mire Moor, a good two miles distant. As we passed Thackside Farm Keith nearly ended up in a ditch while attempting to take a photo of some black & white bullocks.

Original report by Paul Coates

5th June 1996 – Howsham Bridge to Kirkham Abbey

Bob, Jacko, Paul, Ray, Alf, Dave Hunt & Dennis.

A walk done many times by the FAC and a particular favourite of mine (Jacko) especially when the meadows are in full bloom. The pub was OK but devoid of Ray’s favourite tipple, Newcastle Brown. He’s vowed if he ever wins the lottery, he will buy out all such pubs and burn them to the ground, landlord and all.

Original report by Jack Fawcett.

17th June 1976 – Snowdon

Bob, Jacko, Chris, Barry & Alf.

The route was via the Pyg Track up to Snowden summit then down by Crib y Ddysgl and Crib Goch. Homemade rhubarb wine was drunk on Crib Goch in honour of the 10th anniversary of the FAC.

Original report by Bob Garton.

Original reports collated & edited by Paul Coates.

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  1. Nice to read these reports Keith while we are sat resting in Sedbergh after the drive here.
    Paul if your reading this Coll didn’t bring his phone but you can call me to organise with Coll the walk on the 17th June.
    Maybe this is the best idea anyway as he never heard his.
    Thanks again FAC.

  2. Will do Judi. Mind you it probably won’t matter as wherever I tell Col to be he’ll be somewhere else.

  3. Very good reading and I particularly like the one of the PYG TRACK which I did with my then wife Shirley many many many many many many years ago in happier times..
    Keep up the good work Keith and all of you..

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