This Month’s theme is ‘Buildings’


  1. Great pics. Harome, the village with the posh pub that wasn’t exactly walker friendly. Still, what goes around comes around as it was eventually closed for breaches of food regulations. Karma.

  2. Great pictures Keith, Paul is spot on about the pub good karma.
    Love the inside of the church and I love the one with the flower thing’s !!, it’s the bungalow behind them I like.
    Wish I was there now !!
    Cheers Keith.

  3. Great photos Keith, looking forward to getting out again when this is all over… keep the updates going, great job 👍🏻👍🏻

  4. Great photos Keith especially the one of Tickton. Soon be opening time. Is that The Crown and Anchor or the pharmacy opposite. More please.

  5. I hope these are the ones I am supposed to look at and I wish I was a bit more computer literate..
    Great photos Kaith and I particularly like the first one as I know where it is..
    Great stuff..
    Stay safe all..

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