Blast from the past

Bits and bobs from yesteryear.

A few from 2001/2002/2003

Time for a break 16/05/2002
Down safely 20/03/2003
Precarious descent 20/03/2003
go for it! 21/02/2002
On the rocks 31/10/2003
When we were young (ish). 30/10/2003


  1. Brilliant photographs Keith and I particularly love the one “”””””GO FOR IT “”””””..
    Such Happy Smiling Faces laughing and having lots and lots of joyous fun just as adult men should behave..
    Absolutely fantastic..
    Thankyou Keith..

  2. The photos from 20 March 2003 are at Needle Point in Newtondale, a walk I remember well.
    The stream crossing from 21/2/01 is at Wintringham. The photo of hard man of the hills Ray is at the stepping stones at Wheeldale Beck and the group shot from the same date is up on Simon Howe above Goathland.

  3. Picture named go for it, didn’t anyone think to use the bridge, when I asked Paul he said walking through it makes better photos 😊

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