Blast from the past

Bits and bobs from yesteryear.

A few from 2009

installing Barry’s plaque.
A bit damp at the summit!
On the rocks.
When it used to snow.
All set for the Christmas walk.


  1. Greta photographs and it sure is something to look back on with Good memories..
    BUT WHAT IS THAT I NOTICE ??????????????????..

    An “”””EAST YORKSHIRE MOTOR SERVICES”””” coach ????????????…
    Well well The FERENSWAY ADVENTURE CLUB lowering themselves eh ??????..

    I bet John Kendrew was driving it ??????..

  2. Before Paul Coates notices my spelling mistake I’m sorry matey I did notice but I had sent it then and it was too late to do anything about it..

  3. I thought you were turning Italian Phil.
    That plaque was in memory of our sadly missed walking buddy Barry Gardiner. It’s located alongside Reeking Gill at the northern end of Rosedale. The plaque itself has a bit of history being originally placed close to Ralph’s Cross on Rosedale Head, less than a mile from its current location.
    Roll forward a few years and we were sat having a break in Old Byland when a couple of walkers from the Middlesbrough are strolled by. We got into conversation, where are you heading? where are you from? the usual stuff. When they heard we were from the Hull area one of them said that they’d come across a plaque in the heather above Rosedale and from how they described it we realised it was Barry’s plaque. What are the chances of that happening?
    We later learnt that a gamekeeper, who’s beat was around the top end of Rosedale, had decided that the various memoriam messages to deceased walkers and other lovers of the hills placed around Ralph’s Cross were getting too prevalent so they were removed. Barry’s plaque was found in the heather some distance from Ralph’s Cross so obviously little care was taken in disposing of it.
    The upshot of all this is that the plaque was posted to Bob Garton and a few weeks later we took it up on Rosedale and placed where it wasn’t likely to be found as its not on any footpath plus it’s a good climb to reach it.

  4. Hi, when I was living in Huddersfield I travelled to Ralph’s Cross to solemnly scatter the ashes of our friend and buddy Barry. I was met there by some of you and Barry’s family. It was a privilege. Delighted to hear of the re-institution of the much travelled plaque. Good Lord deliver us from over zealous Game Keepers.
    Blessings Chris D

  5. Great collection of photographs from way back. Happy days on the hills, all with smiling faces, leave your worries behind. Good friends like those last a lifetime.

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