Blast from the past

On top of the world
Jacko had a little lamb
Paul looks down on Dennis!
The b*****d alkanet!
Action Man!


  1. First photograph is brilliant and that is the type of walking that I took my friends on when I was a walker many many thousands of years ago.. hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..

    Wow and steady on there Paul you could split your difference doing that.. heheheheheheheheheheheheeeeeeee

    All great photographs Keith and thanks for the look back of your walks..

  2. Great shots there Keith, I’ll be glad when I can get on the hall of fame 🤭😉
    Maybe another 10 years. I love the one with Jacko with the lamb and Mr Coates doing his gymnastics.
    Do you have any of Barry and Chris Daniels please.

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